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Pictures from the Grand Finale Show

Photos by Federica Armstrong (Mountain View Voice)

Our final show was on Saturday, April 22, 2017

RBA Grand Finale (with the Faultliners and 27strings)

"Congrats on a wonderful run. DBFS always had fun with RBA. You stuck to the true vine." - Ron Thomason

That continues to the end. This marks the final show for Redwood Bluegrass Associates, which began 25 years ago, and has presented some of the top names and most interesting musicians in bluegrass on a monthly basis ever since.

Our final event features two bands whose members have a longtime association with RBA: board members Hildy Licht and Rachel Gage (of 27strings) plus Paul Knight (of the Faultliners), who has done the sound for RBA for nearly 20 years.

This will be a festive celebration with great music, special food, and low ticket prices and a reminder to all about how important a top-notch concert series can be. We've had a blast and hope you can join us for a fond farewell!

The Faultliners featuring Keith Little

The Faultliners featuring Keith Little include some of the most respected "side persons" in bluegrass, and they like to keep it traditional, soulful, and fun. They often play with Scott Law and at informal sessions at the Station House Cafe, and include:

  • Paul Knight (acoustic bass) has appeared regularly on the RBA stage with the Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band, and recently received a NCBS Lifetime Achievement Award. Paul has supervised the RBA sound (and done sound for many other concerts and festivals) for nearly 20 years, and played with a wide variety of Bay Area bluegrass and old time bands.
  • Blaine Sprouse (fiddle) is also a member of the Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band, and has been deemed "one of the great fiddlers of our time" by Bobby Osborne. He's been a member of the bands of Bill Monroe, James Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Jim & Jesse, the Osborne Brothers, Dreadful Snakes, and the Bluegrass Band, among others.
  • Sharon Gilchrist (mandolin) has been on the RBA stage with Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands, the Kathy Kallick Band, and the Banjoganza Band. She's also been a member of the Peter Rowan-Tony Rice Quartet, Uncle Earl, Darol Anger & the Furies, and, most recently, the Reischman/Nygaard/Gilchrist trio.
  • Avram Siegel (banjo) is one of the Bay Area's busiest teachers who's played with everyone from the Vern Williams Band, Fog City Ramblers, and Grant Street String Band to True Blue and the Kathy Kallick Band. His duet nights at Diesel Books have providing some thrilling music in recent years.
  • Keith Little (guitar) is a nationally-acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, teacher, and producer who is Paul and Blaine's bandmate in the PRBB. He's also been on the RBA stage with Mac Martin, a Bill Monroe tribute, and his own band. An amazing singer, Keith is also currently a member of the David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, and is an honorary lifetime member of the California Bluegrass Association. Keith began performing with the fathers of West Coast bluegrass, Vern Williams and Ray Park, spent several years as a member of Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, and performed on the Grammy-award recordings of Dolly Parton and the Chieftains.

The Faultliners will be joined by special guests A.J Lee and Sullivan Tuttle, both of whom have performed many times for Redwood Bluegrass Associates.

  • AJ Lee (guitar) is the 7-time Female Vocalist of the Year winner from Northern California Bluegrass Society (2010-2017), and well known to the RBA audience from her many shows with The Tuttles + AJ Lee. She is currently performing with fellow college students in Blue Summit, and has released a solo album.
  • Sullivan Tuttle (guitar) is also a member of The Tuttles + AJ Lee and Blue Summit. Currently attending Foothill College, he is the 2016 NCBS Guitar Player of the Year; Sully's guitar playing has a decidedly different approach, with a contemporary sound, original compositions, and out-of-the mainstream covers.


27strings blends a mix of traditional bluegrass standards and more modern material. The original members of the band met in Jack Tuttle's jam class at Gryphon in 2006. After participating in several classes together, Jack "graduated" the class, and several musicians began performing together. Two years later, Howard and Rachel Gage joined the band, and the 27strings (of Bill Monroe's classic band) were complete.

  • Tom Bull (guitar) is originally from Illinois, and came to California by way of North Carolina. Tom entered Jack's class not knowing he could sing and now is the band's lead vocalist. Tom's guitar playing is as powerful as his vocals. He and Greg collaborated to write "Dear Old Country home."
  • Greg Frees (mandolin, guitar) is from Ojai, and produced the band debut album. Greg's musical background includes classical piano, as well as rock and blues guitar. A chance encounter with a pretty mandolin in an antique store started him on the road to bluegrass.
  • Howard Gage (guitar, banjo, acoustic bass) began playing the trumpet in school growing up in New Jersey, and later played classical violin. His musical journey also included folk and old time before heading to bluegrass.
  • Rachel Gage (fiddle) was raised in Los Altos Hills and has been playing the violin since she was seven. She played classical violin in High School and later fell in love with old time and bluegrass. A illustrator/graphic designer by trade, her work includes Jack Tuttle's music book covers and some of the Tuttles CD's. Like husband Howard, she admits to being a member of the Wolfgang quartet and The KenTorke Kernels.
  • Hildy Licht (banjo) is native San Franciscan, raised in LA, but a Bay Area resident since university. Her music background began with folk music, and she taught folk guitar for 25 years. During that time she was also playing banjo, but became serious about bluegrass when she joined Jack Tuttle's class where the roots of 27strings began.

"Endless thanks for all the work you did to create this wonderful space for bluegrass music in the Bay Area. Some of my best memories growing up were going to RBA shows and seeing incredible bands that I would never have exposed to otherwise. Playing RBA has been a big highlight and thrill of the last many years; I'll be so sad to see it go, but will always treasure the incredible memories!" - Molly Tuttle

"I've done a show for RBA almost every year for many years now. They've been really supportive of me doing bluegrass my way, and open to some of my more experimental things that go beyond bluegrass in some ways." - Peter Rowan

"There are many concert series all over the world, presented in a church or lodge or club or wherever a group can gather on a dark night with a sound system and a bunch of chairs. The RBA is so much more than that. It's a very high quality music experience that will be sorely missed by musicians and the audience." - Kathy Kallick

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