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Shows From The Past

Prairie Flyer and The Mighty Crows
January 27, 2007


Prairie Flyer

Prairie Flyer bluegrass band Go see the Prairie Flyer website

Click for a bigger picBased in eastern Washington, members of Prairie Flyer have been playing together for many years. The latest of their five CDs in print is "Just an Old Dog." According to the Island Bluegrass Newsletter of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the group's music is characterized by "vibrant solo work, close harmonies, and instrumental magic. The band's timing is tight but relaxed, the instrumental leads are imaginative and well executed. Jim Faddis, the band's lead singer, has a haunting voice that stays with you, and Jim and Richard bring a unique vocal blend to the group." Jim Faddis (guitar), Andre Vachon (mandolin, fiddle, dobro), Jason Stewart (banjo), Dave Hackwith (acoustic bass), and Steve Blanchard (lead guitar) wow'd RBAers at last year's WinterGrass, and we're proud to sponsor their Bay Area debut.


The Mighty Crows

Photos by Tom Tworek - The Mighty Crows Bay Area Bluegrass BandThe Mighty Crows, the Bay Area's own carriers of the trad grass standard, open. Winners of the Emerging Artists award at the '06 Bluegrassin' In the Foothills Festival, the band consists of Chris Smith (guitar), Mark Wardenburg (fi ddle), Jeff Zieba (banjo) -- a truly POWER trio -- plus RBA's own Ken Torke (mandolin), and John Kael (bass). This show promises to be Big Fun as well as plenty of hard-core bluegrass. Photos by Tom Tworek

Go see The Mighty Crows website